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Welcome to the Consultation

How- and wherever Excel is causing you pain, the doctor is here to help.

  • Would you like to introduce KPIs in your company in the easiest, most cost-effective, and efficient manner?
  • Would you like to automate tedious and time intensive “manual labor”, thereby increasing your employees’ efficiency?
  • Have you found yourself confronted by a defective macro, or formula-construct?
  • Do you require made to measure, clever, effective, and aesthetically pleasing templates for your accounting, inventory, project-planning, or other needs?
  • Are you faced with the need for a very specific and complicated calculation?
  • Do you have an app idea, and would like to test it in Excel first, as proof of concept?

The possibilities Excel offers us are near-limitless and a surprising number of highly specialized (and expensive) business software can be made redundant by customized Excel solutions.

Have a look at the Bandwidth of our Services in detail, or contact us directly so we can discuss your individual situation and pains.

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