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The most shocking revelation first: Doctor Excel is not actually a doctor. The title is purely honorary in nature and has been bestowed upon him by more than one former colleague. His legal name is Roman Hofmann, and he will introduce himself in the following paragraphs.

His Origins

Roman’s love for Excel was discovered in his private-, but honed in his professional life. He has been fortunate enough to have worked in positions where he could apply and refine his Excel skills. As a compensation & benefits analyst, he was confronted time and again with problems , which – as he soon noticed – could most elegantly be solved with Excel, in some cases even automated away completely.

Solving complex problems has always been a favorite pastime of his, and with Excel he has found the perfect tool- and sandbox to run wild with his ideas.

This affinity has accompanied him through his career. In the evaluation of data he has been able to follow his passion and expand his skill set. Most recently as a “Data Evaluation Specialist & VBA Developer” for a large, Swiss machine building company. His current self-employment as an independent contractor evolved from this position, with said company as a regular customer.

His Skills

Over the years, “Dr. Excel” has acquired a deep knowledge in Excel and VBA Programming, as well as automation.

Of course this doesn’t mean he’s finished learning. For one, Redmond’s data processing monster is not yet shy of surprises. For another, Roman is continually studying to educate himself further. Currently, in the areas of databases and (Python) programming, to be able to offer you, the customer, the complete bandwidth of data processing, evaluation and automation from one hand.

He’s proud of his ability to learn, which also shows in how quickly he adapts when confronted with new situations o problems, or when it comes to grasping new concepts. Which brings us the the last section:

Your Added Value

Most large enterprises, as well as many small and medium companies have at least one in-house “Excel ace”, which knows the program like the back of his hand and can handle almost all related tasks. Maybe he’s even known as “Doctor Excel”. And yet you find yourself here, because you’re looking for a solution to a problem. And you’ve come to the right place.

You see, even though Roman, too, is quite the Excel ace, it is not his familiarity with formulas that sets him apart. It is his knack for finding the best possible solution to any (solvable) problem under the given circumstances.

So it is not primarily Excel-expertise you’re paying for. It is creative problem solving. This is your added value.

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