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Few things are impossible in Excel, and many solutions concocted therein may even be considered brilliantly useful. Hereafter you will find a number of scenarios and use cases with which we will be happy to assist you. The possibilities don’t end there though. If you don’t find your situation or project idea represented below, contact us and we will examine it together.

Key Performance Indicators

Attraktive Dashboards

As a modern and quality-conscious enterprise, you won’t get around KPIs – in one shape and form or another. As a component of the EFQM Business Excellence model – among others – they concisely illustrate the health and direction of various departments, divisions, and/or business areas. From these indicators, actions leading to quality and efficiency increases can then be derived.

Informative, concise charts

When it comes to the implementation of such KPIs, there are many valid paths one may choose, including very specialized and expensive software. Excel represents a cost effective and highly customizable alternative, seeing as it is almost certainly already installed on your computers and all that’s missing is the set up of an applicable solution, which is where we come in.

All you need is a database. We will gladly assist with conceptualizing new KPI reports, and their implementation and automation is one of our core competencies. Should a database still be lacking, we can work with one of our specialized partners and support you from the drawing board to the finished product.


Automation of Manual Tasks

Whenever data entry and calculation in Excel follows a certain logic, but is done manually, there is great potential for improvement.

By automating these tasks with the help of complex formulas and/or VBA macros, a lot of valuable time may be saved, which you or your employees could be spending on more productive activities.


Diagnosing Excel-Patients

The Doctor is in

Perhaps you are already using a custom Excel solution, and it unfortunately stopped working because of a change in the database structure, for example. Whatever illness the file may be suffering from, the doctor will examine it and find a way to get it back on its feet.



You can find free templates for all kinds of use cases on the internet. Nevertheless, should nothing suit your needs, or should an existing template require customization, you’ve come to the right place.


Programs / Apps

A product-suitability evaluator

That Excel can be used for more than accounting and charts should not be news at this point. What may yet surprise, is the fact that entire programs may be constructed therein. From nutrition calculators (Link to Dr. Excel’s debut) to automated compensation & benefits evaluators, we will gladly review your idea and implement it in Excel.

One excellent Excel example is the creation of prototypes that may serve as proof of concept, or as a template for a planned dedicated app.


Idea X

Should your needs not be represented above, don’t hesitate to contact us regardless. We will find a solution together.

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